AvCarb Material Solutions

For design engineers seeking material science solutions to meet highly demanding product performance requriements, AvCarb is the premium supplier of engineered carbon for critical friction, thermal, and electrochemical applications that partners with you to truly understand your business, to deliver optimal solutions

AvCarb products include textiles, papers, and parts creatively engineered with carbon and carbon fiber for performance in critical systems.  AvCarb has invested millions in the improvement of this technology, and the end result is a wide portfolio of products, used in volume by fuel cell manufacturers worldwide.

AvCarb products are used in a wide variety of fuel cell types, including:

• Proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cells, both high temperature and low temperature
• Phosphoric Acid Fuel Cells (PAFC)
• Direct Methanol Fuel Cells (DMFC)

AvCarb has been creating quality products for over six decades:

• Applied heat shields for the Apollo program in the 1960s
• Providing innovative products to the automotive industry since the 1980s
• Co-developing high-performance materials with their customers for wide ranging needs

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