0.5 mg/cm² 10% Pt on Carbon Cloth Electrode

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Product Description

0.5 mg/cm² 10% Pt on Carbon Cloth Electrode

Fuel Cell Earth offers anode and cathode electrodes, Our electrodes consist of a precious metal catalyst loaded onto a Teflon treated gas diffusion backing layer. The electrode is hydrophobic to help reduce the potential flooding issue of a functioning fuel cell. We use Platinum/Carbon catalyst. Our backing layer consists of carbon paper or carbon cloth.

This is the standard loading for many Hydrogen / Air Fuel Cells and is applied on a woven carbon cloth Gas Diffusion Layer (GDL).

We do not make any claims about performance nor do we guarantee any performance specs.
The actual performance obtained by a customer will depend on choices made regarding the various operating variables.

Please contact us for custom Electrodes

Technical Details

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20cm x 20cm


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