Dr. FuelCell Science Kit – Basic

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Product Description

The Dr. FuelCell Science Kit – Basic is designed for a “hands on” experience with solar hydrogen energy technology for both student and teacher.

Using the very latest renewable energy technology, students will learn standard science and engineering topics aligned to the NGSS and STEM standards. Watch as your students are inspired by seeing how solar energy can be harnessed, stored and later converted to electricity using a PEM Fuel Cell.

This exciting technology is the same technology being used to build hybrid energy systems, power schools, homes and cars. In addition to covering standard curriculum topics in chemistry and physics, this durable, high quality product also allows students to investigate important renewable energy topics such fuel cells, solar energy, hydrogen and energy conversion and storage.

Each kit  includes a four-volume set of text books that contain over 20 experiments that cover topics such as electrochemistry, thermodynamics, energy conversion and efficiency, molecules and chemical reactions and measuring and interpreting characteristic curves.  Perform experiments for topics such as Faraday’s First Law, Avogadro’s Constant, Electrolysis, System Efficiency, Greenhouse Effect, Solar Cells (Light Source, Shadow Effects, Angle, Efficiency), Parallel and Series Circuits, Energy Storage and Conversion, and Creation of a Characteristic Curve, to name a few.

Watch as students get hands-on building their own energy system, learn relevant Science and STEM topics and get introduced to renewable energy technology.  Prepare your students for a greener future!

Kit Contents:

• Solar Panel Module
• PEM Electrolyser with Gas Storage Cylinders
• PEM Fuel Cell
• Load Measurement Box – Consisting of seven-position resistance decade, light, electric motor with fan, voltmeter and ammeter
• Stopwatch
• All Required Accessories, Including: CablesTubing, and Clamps
• Instruction Material with Teachers Guide
• Easy-Storage Container

Teaching Materials:
• 4-Volume Textbook Set: Science through Hydrogen, Chemistry through Hydrogen, Physics through Hydrogen and Research Notes
• Science through Hydrogen – Junior-level General Science
• Chemistry and Physics through Hydrogen – Senior Level Chemistry and Physics
• Research notes – a text used for written assignments and packed with background material regarding solar energy, technology details for solar panels, fuel cells and hydrogen technology.  All contained in a series of self-contained articles

• Includes over 20 experiments focused on grades 9 – 12
• Aligned to the NGSS and STEM Standards

Grade Level Focus:

• Grades 9 through 12
• Often used  by Colleges and University for Outreach
• Often Bundled with the Professional or Model Car

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