0.5 mg/cm² 40% PtRu on Carbon Cloth

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Product Description

Electrode 0.5 mg/cm² 40% PtRu on Carbon Cloth 19cm x 19cm

Electrode 40% PtRu 0.5mg/cm2 on Carbon Cloth 19cm x 19cm, on the backside we have a layer of catalyst for better conductivity.

Fuel Cell Earth offers anode and cathode electrodes, Our electrodes consist of a precious metal catalyst loaded onto a Teflon treated gas diffusion backing layer. The electrode is hydrophobic to help reduce the potential flooding issue of a functioning fuel cell. We use Platinum/Carbon catalyst. Our backing layer consists of carbon paper or carbon cloth.

We do not make any claims about performance nor do we guarantee any performance specs.
The actual performance obtained by a customer will depend on choices made regarding the various operating variables.

Please contact us for custom Electrodes

Technical Details

Weight .1 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × .015 in
Catalyst Type

40% PtRu

Catalyst Loading

0.5 mg/cm²

GDL Type

AvCarb 1071 HCB

Fiber Type



15 mils

Micro Porous Layer (MPL)


PTFE Treated



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