G280 AvCarbⓇ Graphite Felt

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Product Description

G280 Graphite Felt

AvCarb PAN-based felts are optimized to deliver both superior energy efficiency and long-term durability
throughout the life of your electrochemical system.

Highly Uniform Construction Low Thru Plane Resistance

With redox flow battery developers in mind, AvCarb felts are engineered to exhibit
low thruplane resistance and exceptional electrolyte flow. Our manufacturing processes ensure an
ultra-high purity, highly uniform product with negligible batch-to-batch variation.

Additional information

Weight .3 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 18 × 1 in
Nominal Thickness

(mm @ 1.7kPa) 2.3

Compressed Thickness

(mm @ 43kPa) 2.3

Areal Weight

(g/m2) 210

Bulk Density

(g/cm3 @ 1.7kPa) 0.08

Thru-Plane Resistivity

( mΩ-cm2 @43KPa ) <130


1 Meter Length, 20cm x 20cm, 40cm x 40cm


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