PEM Blue Reversible Fuel Cell Kit

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Product Description

Horizon PEM Reversible Fuel Cell

The Reversible PEM Fuel Cell combines the functions of an electrolyzer and a fuel cell into ONE device. When applying an electrical current the device acts as an electrolyzer that produces hydrogen and oxygen from de-ionized water. When applying a load, the device behaves as a fuel cell and generates electricity from hydrogen.

  • High performance PEM fuel cell
  • Converts hydrogen and oxygen into electricity and water
  • Fully compatible with the Horizon education range
  • High performance reversible PEM fuel cell
  • Electrolyzer mode converts water into hydrogen and oxygen
  • Fuel Cell mode produces electricity using hydrogen and oxygen
  • Fully compatible with the Horizon education range
  • Available in blue and transparent colors
  • Single

Horizon PEM Reversible Fuel Cell, FCSU-023 Classroom Instructions


  • PEM Reversible Fuel Cell
  • Water/Gas Containers
  • Tubing
  • Pins
  • 2 x banana cables/ Connecting Leads
  • Fan for Load
  • Battery pack
  • 2mm Banana Plug: 21 in, Red & Black


  • Electrolysis mode: generating hydrogen and oxygen from water
  • Fuel cell mode: generating electricity from hydrogen and oxygen
  • Determining the minimum voltage for water decomposition
  • Polarization states for hydrogen fuel cells

Technical Details

Weight 1.28 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 4 in

54x54x17 mm

Total weight:

67.7 g

Input Voltage

1.8 V ~ 3V (DC)

Input Current


Hydrogen production rate

7 ml/min

Oxygen production rate

3.5 ml/min

Output Voltage

0.6V (DC)

Output Current

360 mA


210 mW





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