Horizon H-Series Stack Chart

Model Cells Rated Power Rated performance Flow rate at max output Low voltage protection Over current protection Over temperature protection External power supply Efficiency of system at full power
H-12 13 12W 7.8V at 1.5A 0.18L/min 40%
H-20 13 20W 7.8V at 2.6A 0.28L/min 40%
H-30 14 30W 8.4V at 3.6A 0.42L/min 40%
H-60 20 60W 12V at 5A 0.84L/min 40% @ 12V
H-100 20 100W 12V at 8.3A 1.3L/min 10V 12A 65°C 13V(±1V), 5A 40% @12V
H-200 40 200W 24V at 8.3A 2.6L/min 20V 12A 65°C 13V(±1V), 5A 40% @24V
H-300 60 300W 36V at 8.3A 3.9L/min 30V 12A 65°C 13V(±1V), 5A 40% @36V
H-500 24 500W 14.4V at 35A 6.5L/min 12V 42A 65°C 13V(±1V), 5A 40% @14.4V
H-500XP 30 500W 18V at 27.8A 5.86L/min 12V 42A 65°C 56%
H-1000 48 1000W 28.8V at 35A 13L/min 12V 42A 65°C 13V(±1V), 5A 40% @28.8V
H-1000XP 50 1000W 30V at 33.5A 12.5L/min 25V 50A 68°C 12V 40% @30V
H-2000 48 2000W 28.4V at 70A 26L/min 24V 90A 65°C 13V(±1V), 5A 40% @28.8V
H-3000 72 3000W 43.2V at 70A 39L/min 36V 90A 65°C 13V(±1V), 5A 40% @43.2V
H-5000 120 5000W 72V at 70A 65L/min 60V 90A 65°C 24V(±1V),8A-12A 40% @72V

General Stack Information

Type of fuel cell: PEM
Humidification: Self-humidified
Reactants: Hydrogen and Air
Cooling: Air (integrated cooling fan)
Start up time: ≤30s (ambient temperature)
Ambient temperature: 5-30°C (41-86°F)
Hydrogen pressure: 0.45-0.55Bar
Hydrogen purity: ≥99.995% dry H2

General Stack Information for H12 to H30
Purging valve voltage: 6V
Blower voltage: 5V
Max stack temperature: 55°C (131°F)

General Stack Information for H60 to H3000
Hydrogen supply valve voltage: 12V
Purging valve voltage: 12V
Blower voltage: 12V
Max stack temperature: 65°C (149°F)

Horizon H-Series stacks are open-cathode PEM fuel cell systems with power envelopes ranging from 12-5000W. These systems are easy to install and move thanks to being small and light-weight while offering fast start-up and quick response times. Because of these benefits they can be efficiently integrated into various application systems. H-Series stacks are designed for use in applications like robots, small cars, boats or bicycles. Normally the systems are not possible to connect with computer but on demand we can provide adjusted controller with RS232. Systems producing sixty watts or higher come with a LCD display, and monitoring software is also available. The LCD screen and monitoring software display the voltage, current and temperature of these systems. Additionally, we can offer tailor-made DC/DC converters.

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