We offer several electro catalyst for your fuel cell applications. Platinum catalyst is typically available in a 10% wt. and a 20%wt. on Carbon black. We also offer other Platinum/Carbon based catalyst upon request.

Fuel Cell Earth also offers Carbon Black XC-72 without noble metals.

For direct methanol fuel cell applications, we offer a Platinum/Ruthenium catalyst. Our Pt/Ru catalyst is 20% wt. Pt, 10% wt. Ru (1:1 atomic ratio) on Carbon Black XC-72 carbon support. This catalyst is preferred for DMFC due to the higher tolerance of CO poisoning.

Please click on the link below to figure out which is the best Catalyst for your application.
If you can’t find the catalyst that you need on our website please do not hesitate to contact us.

PEM = Polymer Electrolyte Membrane
PAFC = Phosphoric Acid Fuel Cell
HTPEM = High Temperature Polymer Electrolyte
Membrane DMFC = Direct Methanol Fuel Cell


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