These Gas Diffusion Electrodes (GDE) are suitable for use in the building and/or researching of your own fuel cell Membrane Electrode Assembly (MEA).We offer Gas Diffusion Electrodes in many standard configuration Please contact us for customize Gas Diffusion Electrodes (GDE) we can also customize  the size or shape of the GDE as well!High Performance Gas Diffusion Electrodes contain a higher loading of catalyst (Platinum, Platinum Ruthenium, etc.) Fuel Cell Earth offers anode and cathode electrodes made to your specifications. Our electrodes consist of a precious metal catalyst loaded onto a Teflon treated gas diffusion backing layer. The electrode is hydrophobic to help reduce the potential flooding issue of a functioning fuel cell. We use Platinum/Carbon or Platinum/Ruthenium/Carbon catalyst loaded according to your requirements. Our backing layer consists of carbon paper or carbon cloth. 

The main functions of GDL include the following:

• A gas diffused pathway from flow channels to the catalyst layer
• Help removes by-produced water outside of the catalyst layer and prevent flooding
• Keep some water on surface for conductivity through the membrane
• Heat transfer during cell operation
• Helps provide enough mechanical strength to hold the MEA from extension caused by water absorbency

What is the purpose of a Hydrophobic Treatment (AKA Wet Proofing)?

A hydrophobic treatment to GDL enables improved water transport. In PEM fuel cells, specifically water retention can result in lower power generation. These GDLs are treated with Teflon in order to make the material hydrophobic and improve water transport.

What is the purpose of a Micro-porous Layer (MPL)?

The purpose of the carbon Microporous Layer (MPL) is to minimize the contact resistance between the GDL and catalyst layer, limit the loss of catalyst to the GDL interior and help to improve water management as it provides effective water transport. MPL treatment is especially recommended for use with CCM (Catalyst Coated Membrane).

The Fuel Cell Earth proudly carries the largest selection of carbon based Gas Diffusion Layers (GDL) in the world! If you know of a Gas Diffusion Layer we do not carry please contact us and let us know!

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