Please reference the Selection guide so you make the correct choice for your application.AvCarb GDL Selection Guide The gas diffusion layer(GDL) is a core component of a fuel cell, enabling transport of gases, liquids and electricity within the cell. The quality of GDL plays an important role in overall performance and cost.We utilize market-leading AvCarb® GDL products in the design and manufacture of Ballard proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cell products as well as marketing to other fuel cell companies. Our GDL material can be used in a variety of fuel cell technologies, including PEM (high and low temperature), direct methanol fuel cells (DMFC) and phosphoric acid fuel cells (PAFC).AvCarb® GDL material is designed for high-speed automated manufacturing and assembly processes and is available in continuous rolls. We offer a range of AvCarb® GDL products, including carbon fiber papers, carbon fabrics and molded graphite materials. PTFE coating for hydrophobicity and coating micro-porous layers (MPL) is also available.

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