Uno-Ink (40% Pt/Carbon Made with Nafion™ catalyst ink)

(Pt-Electrocatalyst Made with Nafion™ Dispersion)
•Ready to use stable ink for all Fuel Cell Electrodes
•Avoid fire hazards and material wastage during dispersion
•Reliable membrane electrode assemblies (MEAs) for durable Fuel Cells

Electrocatalyst ink preparation involves numerous steps to disperse powder catalyst into a suitable solvent and Made with Nafion™ solution. Generally, platinum electrocatalyst are highly pyrophoric material creates fire hazards during ink preparation. Also, a significant quantity of expensive electrocatalyst is lost during the dispersion process if the material is not handle properly. It has been a challenge for fuel cell community to make stable and well-dispersed electrocatalyst ink for MEAs.

Uno-Ink is highly stable platinum electrocatalyst-Nafion™ dispersion ideal for spraying/brushing polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell (PEMFC) electrodes. The revolutionized ink formulation is suitable to coat on variety of substrates, such as microporous layer coated carbon paper/carbon cloth and Made with Nafion™ membrane.

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