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Product Description

MEA Starter Kit ( 12 pieces)

For the first time, we can offer an innovative kit includes all of the necessary components to get started in building a functional MEA. Other companies have offered similar kits in the past, which have just had the components for explanatory purposes. This kit not only has the building blocks of the MEA, but in the most cost effective and useful quantities. The finishing processes and the final MEA that you make are up to you!


Items in Kit

NRE 212  Nafion Membrane 10cm x 10cm ( 3 pieces )

Nafion Solution 10% 25 ml

Teflon Solution PTFE 25 ml

Carbon Powder 10 grams

Carbon Cloth Plain 10cm x 10cm ( 1 piece )

Toray Paper TGP-H-060 – 20% Wet Proofing 10cm x 10cm ( 1 piece)

Toray Paper TGP-H-090 – 20% Wet Proofing 10cm x 10cm ( 1 piece)

Toray Paper TGP-H-120 – 20% Wet Proofing 10cm x 10cm ( 1 piece)

MGL370 Carbon paper 10cm x 10cm ( 1 piece)

GDS2230 ( w/ Micro-porous layer) 10cm x 10cm ( 1 piece)


This kit is to the novice person go through the motion on making an MEA, with not spending a lot of money on Platinum catalyst and learning how making a good MEA.

With this kit you are essentially going to teach your self to make a micro porous layer on the paper or cloth and then hot pressing to make MEA.

We have also supplied a GDS2230 which already has an micro porous layer all you have to do is cut to desired size coat it with Nafion solution 10% which acts like the glue so it will bind with the Nafion membrane and Hot Press your MEA.

We also give you material to Wet proof your own cloth and carbon paper.

Now Have fun trying to make your MEA!!!!!


Technical Details

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 2 in


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