Toray Paper

Toray Paper is a carbon fiber composite paper that is has proven durability. Toray Paper is perfectly suited for use as a catalyst backing layer. It can be an affordable alternative to woven carbon cloth gas diffusion layer materials in fuel cell applications.

Toray Paper is manufactured by obtaining acrylonitrile by refining oil and then spinning the acrylonitrile into a yarn. The spun yarn is then baked at an extremely high temperature to remove any unnecessary components from the material.

Main Characteristics

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  • Minimal electrochemical corrosion
  • Low electrical resistivity
  • Excellent gas permeability
  • Good handling
  • High Strength

Lightweight Carbon Fiber

The key features that draw many customers to Toray Paper are it’s light weight and excellent strength. Its specific strength, calculated by dividing the tensile strength by the specific gravity is 10 times that of iron. Its specific modulus of elasticity, determined by dividing the modulus of elongation by the specific gravity is 7 times that of iron. This combination of features make Toray Paper a cutting-edge lightweight material that commonly replaces conventional metal materials in all types of fuel cell applications.

Toray Paper is made of carbon fiber that features high tensile strength. The fibers are connected securely by carbon to make Toray Paper durable enough for many fuel cell projects. Four different thicknesses of Toray Paper are available ranging in thickness from TGP-H-030, TGP-H-060, TGP-H-090 and TGP-H-120.

Not rusting or failing due to fatigue also make Toray Paper a popular choice for fuel cell projects. Toray Paper is a reliable material whose characteristics remain stable in extreme conditions. Its lightweight makes anything made of the material significantly more fuel-efficient and flexible. Recently, Toray Paper’s use has become increasingly diversified as its long term benefits are recognized.

We offer wet proofing from 5% to 50% for all of our Toray Paper.

Toray Paper Products:

  • Toray Carbon Paper 30 – THP-H-030 – total thickness of 110 um (microns)
  • Toray Carbon Paper 60 – TGP-H-060 – total thickness of 190 um (microns)
  • Toray Carbon Paper 90 – TGP-H-090 – total thickness of 280 um (microns)
  • Toray Carbon Paper 120 – TGP-H-120 – total thickness of 370 um (microns)


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