From research to commercial product releases, DuPont has over 30 years of experience in fuel cell system development.  They are using science to create customized solutions for more powerful, more durable, and more cost-efficient fuel cell materials and components.  They leverage high-level expertise in polymer chemistry, materials engineering, and catalysis to ensure their customers get the performance they need.

All of Dupont’s worldwide manufacturing facilities meet the strictest ISO-9002 production, safety, and environmental standards.  By choosing DuPont, you can be assured of receiving high-quality products, packaging, and delivery with the global research and manufacturing support you need to maximize cost efficiency

In October 2013, DuPont announced that it was planning to spin off its Performance Chemicals business into a new publicly traded company in mid-2015.  DuPont filed its initial Form 10 with the SEC in December 2014 and announced that the new company would be called “The Chemours Company”.  The Chemours Company now is the manufacturer of Nafion and Teflon products.


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